Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Please don't export your primitivism

Under colonialism, advanced cultures export their governance to relatively primitive societies, gradually bringing them into the modern world. This was found to be exploitative and disrespecful of primitive values.

So we stopped.

Primitive societies generally have proved unable on their own to produce modern culture without colonial masters, but feel they have a right to that culture. Their solution to the problem is to export the people to the governance, illegally if necessary, bringing primitivism's degradation to advanced societies.

It seems better for all concerned if the primitives stayed at home while upgrading to modernity under control of advanced culture. Call it neocolonialism.

Come to think of it, Bush's New Wilsonian dreams of exporting democracy at gunpoint were a step in that direction.

Something has to give. There isn't room in the northern hemisphere for everyone in the southern.

Monday, January 8, 2007

Prosecution or persecution? Corey Maye update

Hayne testified at trial that the bullet wounds in Fulgham's body were consistent with the prosecution's theory that there were two hands on the gun that fired those bullets.
Read that again. The same Hayne testified in the Corey Maye trial on bullet trajectory. Radley Balko has a must read Corey Maye update.