Saturday, April 25, 2009

And he deserves to get it, good and hard.


"When you jam something down somebody's throat, it's not sustainable," [Democratic Senator Max] Baucus told reporters. "And I want something that will last."
Paging Barney Frank...

Hillary Sets Iraq Aright

"I think that these suicide bombings … are unfortunately, in a tragic way, a signal that the rejectionists fear that Iraq is going in the right direction," Clinton told reporters aboard her plane.
"So, madam Secretary, you're saying the killing of over 150 people is a good sign?"
"Good in a tragic way, yes."
"And the nature of your committment is to pull out?"
"Yes. We are committed to being gone."
"And if the number of combat troops turns out to be inversely proportional to the suicide attacks in the country, resulting in all-out civil war as the last American soldier leaves, this is the ultimate symbol that Iraq is moving in the right direction?"
"Well, I... yes, I guess that follows."
"So, good means tragic, committed means to leave, and war is the right direction?"
"Yes. I know this is difficult to grasp, but it's a major principle of diplomacy. It's called Catch-22."
"That's quite a catch, madam Secretary."
"It's the best there is."

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sanctuary Mulch


*Sanctuary Mulch*

Across the street at a house for sale,
they're putting down new sodded turf.
I wish my last layer of life could be scraped
and topped with such custom made stuff.

Here on my own lot I have to be careful
at Chemlawn's herbicide call,
'cause if it wasn't for evergreen weeds,
I'd have little front lawn at all.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

No soap, radio. No sale, either.


Progressives lack a Limbaugh-like voice

Those poor progressive babies. They have TV and the print media entanked for their vacuous, stammering "communicator" while taking money from the rest of us to fund NPR and CPB, virtual vassals of liberalism. Seemingly unable to flip from AM to FM radio, or even change the station to nontalk radio, they subsume their San Francisky selves to a quasi-North Korean state of forced listening, ears no doubt propped open in a Clockwork Orange fashion where listening becomes unavoidable, to mind-altering "words."

Now, I don't envy their having to listen to Michael Savage, who has for years been about two quarts low, but I don't see where it's had much effect on the voting habits of Pelosi's Pals of the Saddle. And Rush Limbaugh failed to keep two branches of federal govt from falling into the hands of the Kommie-krazies.

All this is normal. It is how words work. And the right-wing message machine has found a way to take advantage of it - activating, as it were, a conservative system of thought.
Note well the choice of "activating" instead of "creating." You activate something that is already in place, that has already been created. Even the cognitive professor from Berkley is forced to admit, and this man makes a living from "words," that many people are innately conservative without understanding the underpinnings of it. They don't naturally believe that someone else owns them or is entitled to fruits of their labor. It is only through the droning adulation of liberal media that the grossly underqualified child of the Chicago machine came to rest on the laurels of this unfortunate nation.

When the French, for god's sake, can see the emperor is buck naked, and to see that without the benefit of talk radio, even the Birkenstocked bimbos of Berkeley must eventually succumb to what their own ears tell them. Blaming it on AM radio is looking like a cry for help.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Wisdom for poetry month


A shining lamp, you pierce the fog who
sees yourself as others blog you.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Obama meets the Queen


Obama -- "Here's a picture of you, for you."
Queen -- "And here's another picture of me, for you."
Obama -- "I'm thrilled."
Queen -- "We're amused."