Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Debra LaFave -- Not the only one

Bearing an unusual physical resemblance to an older Debra LaFave, Beth Geisel, a 42-year-old Christian Brothers Academy writing instructor, mother of four and wife of a bank president, said nothing as she surrendered to face charges of raping a 16-year-old male student last May.

Police say she had sex with the boy once at her home in the Albany, New York suburb of Colonie, as her children slept downstairs. She is now out on bail.

Cliff Albert - Clear Channel, San Diego

Sometimes people do things you just can't believe.

Take the case of that female teacher at a Catholic high school in Albany, New York…who's accused of having sex with a 16-year-old male student.

And word is…he's not the only kid at the school she's had sex with.

Beth Geisel is a 42-year-old Christian Brothers Academy writing instructor…mother of four and wife of a bank president.

Police say the Catholic schoolteacher had sex with the student inside her home as her own children slept downstairs.

Incredibly, she's not the only teacher gone wild lately.

In Miami, a middle-school reading teacher is charged with having sex with a 14-year-old student.

Now, I don't know about you, but even under emotional stress, most people know what she did was wrong. And if not the first time, then certainly the 2nd or 3rd.

So what is going on? And…where is the outrage?

You imagine what the reaction would be if these teachers had been men…who had sex with teenage girls?

They'd be locked up for good.

But since it's women having sex with teenage boys, somehow it's not as bad.

But when you consider what our culture teaches us about sex, is it any surprise that sometimes there are so many failing grades?

On Tuesday, April 5, 2005, an arrest was made of Gwen Anne Cardozo, a 33 year old mother of four and high school teacher at Wasson High School for Sexual Assault on a Child by One in a Position of Trust.

Mrs. Cardozo’s arrest was the result of an investigation into an allegation that she had been sexually active with a 17 year old male victim, who was a former student of hers at Wasson High School.

According to a police affidavit, a student teacher found two notebooks containing sexually explicit love letters while grading papers for Cardozo in February.

The felony carries up to six years in prison and fines of $500,000.Cardozo resigned from Wasson High School in March after teaching English for 10 years.Cardozo originally denied having a relationship with the boy until threatened with a lie detector test.

Cardozo told police she is separated from her husband. Former Ponderosa High School teacher Nicole Andrea Barnhart was arrested in March for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old male student. She's facing charges of sexual assault on a child by a person in a position of trust and demonstrating a pattern of abuse. She faces up to 18 years in prison.

The guy was not even her current student. I believe Colorado's age of consent laws are set too high, as are they in most other states.
10 TIPS FOR SEDUCING YOUR TEACHER! AS A nation reels from the Lafave sex scandal -- a daring new book aims to help teenage boys become a REAL teacher's pet.

A renegade author has penned a controversial new book -- giving teens tips on how to seduce their teachers!

Religious and community leaders have roundly condemned the outrageous how-to manual titled, Nailing Miss Crabtree: How to Become a REAL Teacher's Pet.

Here are 10 of the main tips in the manual:

1. Choose a hot-to-trot target. A teacher who always shows off her legs in micro-miniskirts craves more male attention than she's getting at home.

2. Sit in the front row. You want Miss Hottie to notice you -- and to feel your eyes right on her cute tush whenever she erases the backboard.

3. Make eye contact. No matter how boring the words coming out of her mouth during a lecture, behave like you're entranced.

4. Act up frequently in class. Teachers who are open to flings with students are often closet riskaddicts -- and are more attracted to "dangerous" bad boys than to goody two shoes.

5. Take a dive on a test. It may break your heart to deliberately flunk a test, but that F can earn you some one-on-one after-school tutoring.

6. Bring her a gift. It can be as cheap as a container of Pez, but she'll appreciate the gesture.

7. Ask about her home life. After class, casually ask why she "looks so sad." Then pretend to listen as she unloads about adult problems -- and hopefully, marital woes. Nod sympathetically.

8. Hit her up for a "cultural" date. Notice a subject she won't stop yapping about, such as art, then ask her to accompany you on an innocent outing to a museum.

9. Offer to pay -- even if it's only for an ice-cream cone. That signals that you're ready to be the "man" in the relationship.

10. Go for it. Tell Teach you're crazy about her and want her to be the one who takes your virginity, even if you've been with plenty of girls before.

With any luck, she'll be flattered enough to give you a private "anatomy" lesson!

And now, fem on fem teacher 'rape'

A South Haven middle school teacher accused of having a sexual relationship with a female student is now charged with criminal sexual conduct in Kent County. New charges stem also from assaults that Miklosovic is accused of committing at her Grand Rapids home.

A story of teacher girl on girl rape took a turn for the bizarre and may have jumped the shark on Debra LaFave class middle school titilations.

"She's wanting to protect the teacher" from charges of sexual assault, said State Police Sgt. Oppenheim, who investigated the case.

In a relationship police say both felt was wholly consensual, or holy depending on your choice of religiosity, a 14-year-old girl married her teacher in a deep woods pagan ritual.

Elizabeth Miklosovic, 36, of Grand Rapids, is accused of sexually assaulting the girl five times since, although in the necessary absence of choked chickens and spanked monkeys, the nature of the assault is elusive.

Miklosovic, a seventh-grade language arts teacher, befriended the emotionally troubled girl when she was in her class two years ago, then asked the family for permission to take her camping.

After setting up Miklosovic's pop-up camper, the girl and her teacher lit candles, "did some chants" and exchanged vows among the trees.

There were no priests or witnesses. "They followed the ritual," which also included exchanging a braided piece of cloth, she said.

During a week in the woods, after the vows, the teacher and the girl had the first of five sexual encounters, police said. "They consummated their relationship, and it progressed more from that."

The other encounters were reportedly at Van Buren County park and a Grand Rapids home where Miklosovic lives with another woman and an adopted son.

Miklosovic was arraigned Thursday on a charge of first-degree sexual assault, a potential life offense. She was held on a $100,000 bond. She also is charged in Kent County with first- and second-degree sexual assault.

Planned insanity defense surprises Debra Lafave's husband

TAMPA- Debra Lafave's plans to use an insanity defense against charges that she had a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old student caught a lot of people off-guard, but perhaps none more so than her soon-to-be ex-husband.

Action News reporter Sarina Fazan sat down with Owen Lafave to watch footage of Debra's first court appearance in months, and it didn't take long for Owen to notice significant changes in her.

"She looks terrible. She's definitely put on, probably, a good 15 pounds. Look at her eyes, she has dark circles under her eyes. She looks genuinely frightened there," he said as he watched the tape.

Owen believes Debra was coached to be more conservative. Tuesday's look was a drastic change from when the former Greco Middle School teacher was first arrested in June.

"Her hair is shorter, she does has bangs, she's wearing less makeup. I think she looks younger," Owen continued. "She doesn't look well. She looks stressed out, like maybe the ramifications of the whole thing have taken a toll on her physically."

Debra's dramatic eye shadow and bright red lipstick were gone, and a small gold crucifix hung around her neck.

"After this happened, she really turned to God. She became very involved in the Bible and Christian book stores, as well as more symbolic gestures, like the cross she is wearing," Owen said.

Owen had dated Debra since he was in college. So did he see anything unusual then, or when he was married to her?

"There was some behavior that was speculative. We went through a rough patch, a period of time and she was treated for depression as well as some eating disorders. She had sought help, saw a psychologist, was on some medication," Owen recalled. "So there were some patterns, but nothing to the extent that she was capable of what she was charged with. I would never have married her if I thought that was the case."

Owen had not spoken with Debra in months, so he said it was "hard to say" if Debra really is insane, as her defense would indicate. Nonetheless, the tactic caught him off guard.

"I was very surprised that was the direction they decided to take with the defense. Honestly I had thought in the back of my mind that they would have reached plea agreement of some sort. I'm not sure that it's the best strategy to take; I think it's risky," Owen offered. "I know it's a very difficult position to defend. As well, I know [Debra's attorney] John Fitzgibbons represented a doctor that killed his wife in Plant City in front of his children, and that was unsuccessful. I'm not expert, but I don't feel like this would be the best strategy to take."

As more evidence is released, Owen said it will be difficult for him to hear more details, and he does not plan to attend the trial.

Debra, he added, has yet to sign the final divorce papers. Updated November 17, 2005

Woman Sought To Keep Lafave Away From Her Children

TAMPA - -- A woman who says Debra Lafave stole her boyfriend filed court papers this month asking a judge to keep Lafave away from her children.

The court rejected the request, saying a protective order would be issued only if there were allegations that Lafave was potentially violent toward the children.

Lafave, a 25-year-old former English teacher at Greco Middle School, is scheduled for trial next month on charges that she had sex with a 14-year-old student.

In court papers filed Nov. 3, Lisa C. York, 33, wrote that Lafave dated her ex-boyfriend in high school. In June, York wrote, Lafave came to the restaurant where York works to say she could get the boyfriend back if she wanted. Lafave returned to the restaurant in October, Yorkwrote, and said she was reunited with the boyfriend, Andrew Beck, 25.

Lafave bragged that Beck "was good," York wrote.

[The rest of this silliness deleted.]

GLOSSY NOTORIETY: Debra Lafave became a Cosmo girl this month, although the circumstances are hardly glamorous.

Lafave, the 24-year-old former Greco Middle School teacher accused of having sex with a former student last summer, is featured in the October edition of Cosmopolitan.

On page 168 under the headline "Women Who Seduce Teens," Lafave is pictured on the day she turned herself in to Marion County sheriff's officials, with her blond hair pulled into a tight bun and her ice-blue eyes rimmed with smoky charcoal makeup.

The story delves into "what drives these females to commit statutory rape" and cites Lafave's case as the latest involving women accused of having sex with students.

Debra Lafave's attorney says police took inappropriate pictures Updated Sept 13, 2005

Tampa, Florida - At a press conference today, Debra Lafave's Attorney John Fitzgibbons says the Temple Terrace police took inappropriate pictures of her sexual organs during the investigation, and he's working to keep them private.

Fitzgibbons says that because Florida has such a broad public records law, anyone could request the photos and post them on the internet.

He also says that the warrant did not permit police to take these types of photos, and it's hard to discuss the pics without being graphic, but says they are very explicit and likens them to a gynecological exam.

He reiterates that they are very graphic, and says he plans to ask the Temple Terrace Police if this is their practice, and that she would be "raw meat at the hands of the lions in prison, and she's not even safe with the police."


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