Wednesday, June 13, 2007

How to tell if you're an illegal alien

If you can go from being, in the eyes of many, a hated interloper to fellow Islam-fighter simply by getting the right piece of paper, you just might be an illegal alien.

If you are paying part of your wages into someone else’s social security retirement, you might be a wetback.

If you think the Statue of Liberty is holding a roach motel in one hand and a can of Raid aloft, you’re probably an undocumented American.

If you think Obama is black, you’re half right. If you think he’s white, you’re half right. If you can’t understand why he thinks he should be president, you are an illegal immigrant.

If you think feet-dry Latino Cubans are entitled to US citizenry while feet-dry Latino Mexicans are not, you might be a confused, but nonetheless illegal, alien.

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