Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Usenet of old

Brought forward from Usenet ACECW
May 13, 1998
Written by myself

Hasn't the Foggiest

David G. Martin, fervor alit,
Got on his soapbox,
(Copied alt.bird),
Decreed that the unwashed,
"Harken my word!"

"Billy and Hillary, each without flaw, "Are only the ghosts
"Of Ruddy's and Sprunt's,
"And mainstream media's
"Phony witch hunts."

Charlotte Corday with a knife to Marat,
Would save the King,
Bring liberty dead,
"Avenge many victims."
Paid with her head.

Don Quixote, misguided twit,
Jousting at windmills,
With servant and dog,
Served his quest better than
Jousting with fog.

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