Friday, February 20, 2009

"Overturn Roe v Wade," he said. "Let the states decide."


What is purportedly being defended here is the right of state government to control the terms of a woman's pregnancy rather than having the federal government dictate it. Let's carry the delegation of power further and see how it looks.

Let's say abortion becomes not just a state, but a local matter. The mayor and city council would decide if it is legal. But wait, as the infomercials tells us, "there's more!" Let's make the decision of whether abortion is legal a neighborhood matter. That's right. Something like Neighborhood Crime Watch would be set up to decide if pregnant women in the neighborhood can have abortions done. A Preggers Block Warden would monitor the gals in the 'hood to make sure they delivered their babies or not. Now, that's local control. It's also reminiscent of some totalitarian ghetto.

Yet all we have done is to delegate beyond the federal-state threshold. It's funny how the problem lights up the closer it gets to home. But it's exactly the same. Government was not created to exercise dominion over a woman's womb. Not at any level.

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