Friday, November 28, 2008

They shoot horses and RINOs, don't they?


The Republican party can be likened to a tribe of brigands finally consigned to the outback for betrayal and thievery by government on an unheard of scale. Why anyone would want to associate themselves with this rabble is one thing, but to want to be called a brigand is another, and to take an associate position as brigand-in-name-only is to reap the scorn while eschewing the benefits, if there be such.

And now, having lost most of the mesa to the half-breeds, the brigandage hopes to retake the high grounds by demonizing their wounded and shooting their survivors.

Zane Grey would call this a western tragedy, onlookers a farce. Is there anything to be salvaged? Well, here's one thing. Brigand-in-name-only hangs a target on some opportunistic palefaces who are only doing what brigands do: Take money at the point of a gun, also known as governing. Since that is the nature of briganding, in-name-only is a poor description of their shortcomings.

You want to identify the Indians in your midst? Those are the conservatives-in-name-only. CINOs are readily identifiable by how they live, what they do, and things they support. You can spot them easily, unlike RINOs, who can only be seen disappearing over the hill with your goodies when it's far too late to do anything about it.

Want a purer posse before the next raid? Get rid of the CINOs. But know this ... litmus-testing every supporter on every conservative issue and throwing out those with imperfect scores will leave you Gabby Hayes, Andy Devine, and in the wilderness forty more years.

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