Saturday, December 13, 2008

A word before stepping off the reservation


Forgive me Father, but I may be about to become devil's advocate by my own lights, and surely the antichrist him/itself in the eyes of certain others. Until something seriously untoward comes along, and as sure as destroyers emerge from their own smokescreens it will, I think the right man for the times is, albeit presumptuously and with the anal retentive faux-gravitas of a toddler commanding a troop of Fisher-Price little people, about to take office.

If the economy is going to be in shreds, industry nationaiized, and another terrorist attack to rattle our chains, how crucial it is that the left be on the field executing the plays instead of booing, second-guessing, and raining bottles down on the sideline.

It's more than the fact that the right had their chance and flubbed it. It's that the left has had too long of neither putting up nor shutting up. I for one welcome our new overlords and only regret we didn't bequeath them a republic of patriots. But I'll do what I can.

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