Friday, August 22, 2008

It's just TV, folks


"So, what does your husband do?"
"He's a TV reporter who poses as their meteorologist."
"That's wonderful. Mine does, too."
"Your husband poses as a meteorologist?"
"Oh, my no. He's a cable installer who poses as an electric-meter reader."
"Well, I swan. What on earth for?"
"He goes up to the house looking like he's reading the meter, but he's
really checking to see if the cable customer is home."
"And then he goes in to hookup the cable?"
"Oh my no, bless your heart. If he sees they're home he goes away. If they're not home, he leaves a "sorry I missed you" note on the door."
"Well, lands o' goshen."
"Yes, it's a small world isn't it?"
"Yes, it surely is."

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