Friday, August 22, 2008

Why these nominees?


Because we've been voting for the lesser of two evils for so long that evil is all that's out there.

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John T. Kennedy said...

"Because we've been voting..."

We? To speak of "we" in this way suggests a kind of mystical thinking. The "we" seems to refer to something like the individual you or the individual me, it suggests that "we" could do something else in the same sense that You or I might do something else. But in fact the word "we" does not refer to any moral or political agent.

Individuals get the same political result whether they vote for the lesser evil or not. McPhillips votes for the lesser evil and Beck does not. They both get Clinton and Schumer in the Senate. They both live under exactly the same political regime.

Those who vote only for good men also get no better political result than those who don't vote or those who vote for the lesser evil. They all get the same political result.

On the national scale voting is an impotent strategy for an individual, period. But refraining from voting is no more potent politically.

There is nothing "we" can do to improve the results of collective politics because "we" ain't an agent.