Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fast High at New York Times

Police investigate white powder at New York Times
"Stand back everybody, give us some room. Okay now, Detective,
what does that look like?"
"White powder, Captain."
"Verrrry good. Now what does it smell like?"
"I can't smell anything, Captain."
"Take a good sniff."
"Not good enough, Detective. Sniff hard!"
"Oh, wow, Captain, This i..."
"Sssssshhhush. Give me a sniff."
"Captain, this is coke. You can't snort it. It's illegal."
"Alright, then, Detective. Take my firearm and force me to do it."
"But Captain, I..."
"Then, I'll force YOU to take another snort."
"Yes, Detective?"
"Get these people out of here. And put on some music."

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