Friday, October 24, 2008

To protect and swive


Man Alleges Cops Sodomized Him With a Walkie-Talkie

"Suffer, you bast...shut up. Shut. Up."
"What is it, sergeant?"
"It's the Commander. On the walkie-talkie."
"What's he saying?"
"I can't tell. You put your ear down there."
"It sounds like, "Ground control to Major Tom.""
"That's not the Commander, you idiot. It's a commercial!"
"Please, officers, can I g...."
"I told you to shut up!"
"Okay, now listen, goofball. We're going to let you go.
But you gotta tell anyone that asks that a tall black man
jumped you, shoved this walkie-talkie up your ass, and
carved a 'B' onto your face."
"Why would anyone do that to me?"
"Because you said vote McCain/Palin."
"Oh, okay. I'd deserve that, for sure."
"Right. We're oughtta here."
"So long, officers."
["Ground control to..."]

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