Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Obama defends John Kerry

He's A Moron
---- by Barack Obama

See the way he surfs in Spandex.
Look at his old grey turkey neck.
My, his horsey face sure fits
That Poltergeisty gait of his;
He's very French.

Oh, by the way, he served in Vietnam
And swift boated (so goes the scam).
Why was he the only one
To toss his medals when he'd done?
And just because of that, they say:

"He's a moron and he'll never ever be any good
He's a moron 'cause he never ever does what he should"
But just because he doesn't do what anyone with sense oughtta,
That's no reason why I can't put him over Foggy Bottom.
Teresa's always good to me,
Gives me head occasionally,
Cause he's not a moron, no no no
He's not a moron, no no no, to me

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