Wednesday, June 18, 2008

...and then they both got ran over.

"Alphonse, the oil will flow and a Democratic Congress will get the credit. You may lift the moratorium."
"I'd be happy to do so, Gaston. We will turn the keys together. Please proceed to first lift the executive order."
"Oh, after you, Alphonse. As a lame-duck President, playing silly-assed partisan games would be beneath contempt were it not for my willingess to reach out and let you have the glory of going first."
"My dear Gaston, since I won't need the energy issue to send your party into the wilderness for another forty years come November, I am willing to allow you to take the first step towards energy independence. After you."
"No, Alphonse, after you."
"No, Gaston, I wouldn't dream of it."

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