Thursday, June 19, 2008

Why Sunday School is child abuse

Overheard on the web...

Religion is generally taught to children at such an early age, that normal mental defenses against nonsense simply don't apply, or more to the point, grow up around it and take it for granted. Like doing a xenograft into a fetus, the mental 'immune system' does not attack what is already present when it forms.

For that reason, believing the religion you were raised in is not the least bit indicative of a tendency to believe other nonsense. Indeed, it may even have a protective effect, by filling that mental "receptor" so that nothing else can reach it.

Coming to believe in a religion after attaining adulthood, OTOH, that's a quite different matter. That's not a normal exception to the functioning of a mental 'immune system', it's evidence that system isn't working.

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