Saturday, June 28, 2008

Here 'n' There

An advocate of states' rights, I can only come down on the side of Louisiana's decision to raise superstitious little Luddites if the scientific method is not acceptable.

If I were a parent of such, though, I would turn my little snowflakes into steely-eyed atheists before submitting their soft cranial Play-doh to be mashed onto Louisiana's colored funny papers.

The actions of a handful of their co-religionists on that fateful day wrecked that trajectory beyond recognition and unleashed something base and ugly in the American character. ----Leonard Pitts, Miami Herald
All the American muslims had to come up with were a few large street demonstrations against the murderous catastrophe unleashed by some of their fellows. Islamic silence unleashed an American suspicion Muslims did nothing to dispel.

The author is another student of the Winnie the Pooh school of foreign relations -- "It must have been something we did."

Most fun I ever had at Six Flags over Texas was when I unwittingly went on High School Seniors Night. The park was open until, like, midnight, which made for cool temperature, no long lines, and dark is so much funner.

They used to have a ride called the Cliffhanger (?)
that took you up way high, then dropped you and
let gravity take over for what seemed an eternity.
The pre-drop pause at the pinnacle gave you time
to look at the grand high altitude vista and ask yourself,
"My Gawd. WTF am I doing?"

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