Sunday, June 1, 2008

A letter to Mr Ickes

Mr. Ickes said the outcome for Michigan was a hijacking of voters’ intent because it assigned delegates to Mr. Obama even though he did not win them as his name was not on the ballot.


Hill'ry Clinton took an ax,
And gave her parents forty whacks.
And when the job was neatly done,
Applied for status -- orphaned one.

Dear Harold Ickes,

That's the most cynical claptrap of the season. 
Obama wasn't on the ballot ... indeed didn't even
campaign there ... by way of complying with the
rule that was instigated at Hillary's wish.

I'm gaining a new respect for Bill Clinton's ability
to piss on our shoes and tell us it's raining.  At least
he told us is was raining.  That some sort of
minimal respect.  You don't even pay us the
courtesy if being ashamed of yourself.

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