Sunday, July 20, 2008

Giving it up for the Wong reason


TimesOnLine says:

Joel Brenner, the US government’s top counter-intelligence official, warned: “So many people are going to the Olympics and are going to get electronically undressed.”
"Step over here, roundeyes, I see you better. Hey, nice chipset."
"Gee, Miss Wong, I..."
"What this? Do you RAM, RAM, RAM? Or you just a ROM, ROM, ROM?"
"Well, actually, I..."
"Ah, so. That look like a real firewire. You give me nice gigabyte, right here."
"I, uh, oh geez."
"Roundeyes! You go all GUI. No love you long time."
"Yeah, I..."
"You best router your motherboard out of here, boy."
"I am so gone."

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