Monday, September 8, 2008

Dallas Cowboys open up can of whup-ass


Near the end of his tenure, Tom Landry switched away from his Doomsday Defense and went for big, heavy (but very polite) linemen. The first few opponents were literally blown over by the new behemoths but reported that, after being steamrolled, the opposition player would be helped to his feet by the young Cowboy amid regrets and apologies for having flattened him.

That's what we saw yesterday, with 300+ pound, alarmingly mobile, Sumo-boys ironing out creases in the Browns, complemented by an offensive line wall that could seal the border with Mexico in the offseason. Romo took a chin full of stitches from one play, but had the Browns in stitches the rest of the game.

Future opponents will have to plan for Felix Jones, while Patrick Crayton and T.O. eat their lunch aloft. It's gonna be a fun season.

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