Sunday, September 14, 2008

A song for Obama


I'm not Lisa

Rewritten for John McCain

I'm Not Dubyah

"I'm not Dubyah, my name is Mackey,
"Dubyah blew it, long ago.
"My Veep's not hair-plugged,
"Her dude Iditarods,
"Your only 'mush' is some stump speech."

"You did some Europe thing
"That reeked of shark jumping,
"You wowed the German throngs,
" 'Ere strutting home."

"But soon the DNC,
"Hubris epitome,
"Greek columns styrofoam,
"Felt Arctic's sword."

"For came the RNC,
"Came Rudy Giulani,
"Came statuesque Cindy,
"Came Piper and fam'ly,
"Left you crying in your beer.
"Wailing dead fish, lipstick pigs."

"That's not Dubyah, that's the Gov'nuh,
"Sarah Palin with McCain.
"Sending you and
"Mainstream media,
"Circling 'round the drain again."

"I'm not Dubyah."

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