Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Live Blogging the NY Observer


In an internet first, what follows in the liveblogging of an article, namely Hard Fall: What Happened to NBC? from the New York Observer.

“This makes me so mad, because it’s so untrue,” Mr. Griffin [president of cable-news network MSNBC] said.
Walk like a man,
Talk like a girl.

Or maybe he's one of those
sister-brothers opposed to those
“straight” journalists of NBC
On the other hand...
nobody from GE had ever big-footed his domain
...and you know what big feet mean. Plus, if you've ever had your domain big-footed, you know how painful it is.
our guys don’t want to be restrained
I think it was the ball gag that finally queered the deal, though.
Mr. Griffin said he was feeling gung-ho about the network’s performance.
Gung-ho could not be reached for comment.

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