Saturday, May 10, 2008

Palpitating Pulpits

Sounds like Christians of the time traded meaningful policy for a feel-goodism.

"We're a church; we're different; while any other profit-making entity must cough up to support the commons, somehow being taxed violates the establishment clause and we won't have it."

"Okay, then. No taxes for you."


"In return no partisan activity from you."


"Democracy has a compelling interest in government not subsidizing partisan political activity."

"What?  What kind of liberal nonsense is that?"

"The Republicans had a majority of both the Senate and the House as well as the Presidency in 1954. These changes may be due to then-Senator LBJ, but they were approved by the GOP and signed by Eisenhower."

"But surely God favors one party over the other!"

"To the extent there is a God, yes.  In other words, no."

"Well, government shouldn't mess with my religion."

"Say now, 1954...wasn't that about the time 'under God' was shoe-horned into the Pledge of Allegiance?    Politics was plucked from the pulpit, and the pulpit was poked into the Pledge.  Priceless."

"You mean God's institutions are penalized if they try to influence a government that the Pledge says is Under God?"

"Yes.  It's called Catch-22."

"That's some catch."

"It's the best there is."

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